[iOS] RealmTasks:出自 Realm,灵感来源于应用 Clear 的 ToDo 应用

RealmTasks A basic task management app, designed as a homage to Realmac Software& 039;s Clear , with their


A basic task management app, designed as a homage

to Realmac Software's Clear

, with their knowledge and permission.

Warning:This project is very much a work in progress, being used as a testbed for new Realm technologies. It is in no way a fully feature-complete product, nor is it ever meant to be an actual competitor for the Clear app.




  • Android Studio 2.2 with Android API 24
  • An emulator, Genymotion or or a real device attached and running.

1. Get the Realm Mobile Platform Package and start the Object Server

  1. Download and extract the Realm Mobile Platform package from https://labs.realm.io/gs


  2. Double-click the start-object-server.command

    script in the package obtained above.

2. Build and Run RealmTasks


  1. Run pod install

    from the root of this repo.

  2. Open RealmTasks.xcworkspace

    with Xcode 8.

  3. Select either the "RealmTasks macOS" or "RealmTasks iOS" depending on which platform you'd like to try the app on.
  4. Click the "Build and Run" icon in the upper left of Xcode (play icon).
  5. When the app launches, tap/click "Register" if this is the first time you're trying the app, or "Log In" if you've already created an account.
  6. Optional: If you'd like to run the app on a physical iPhone, you'll need to have code signing set up with Xcode, and the iPhone should be connected on the same local network as your Mac running the object server.


  1. Goto the RealmTasks Android


  2. Run ./gradlew installDebug

  3. The RealmTask app should now be installed on all attached Android devices and emulators. You need to launch the app manually.

Using RealmTasks

At this point, you can login, start creating items, managing lists, and you'll see your actions reflected in real time in other running instances of the app wether it is the Android, iOS or Mac OS app.

We recommend that you run at least two instances of the app together to really show off sync in action.

3. Access Realm Files with the Realm Browser

  1. Launch the "Realm Browser" app included in the package obtained above and click "Open Sync URL...".
  2. Paste the following into the Realm Browser's Sync Server URL field: realm://


  3. Enter the same username and password as you used when running RealmTasks and click "Open".


The source code for RealmTasks is licensed under theApache License 2.0.