[iOS] FontAwesomeKit.Swift:iOS FontAwesome 工具箱

FontAwesomeKit Swift :grinning: :kissing_heart: A better choice for




A better choice for iOS Developer to use FontAwesome Icon with UI.


[iOS] FontAwesomeKit.Swift:iOS FontAwesome 工具箱


Swift 3.0 & iOS 8.0+

FontAwesome 4.6.3



  1. add pod 'FontAwesomeKit.Swift' to your Podfile.
  2. Run pod install OR pod update .
  3. import FontAwesomeKit_Swift


  1. Download the full file.
  2. Drag the FontAwesomeKit folder to your project.


Use FontAwesomeKit.Swift with String.

let str1 = String.fontAwesome(undefined: 0xf107)

let str2 = String.fontAwesome(awesomeType: .fa_github)

let attrs = [NSFontAttributeName: UIFont(fa_fontSize: 32)]

let attrStr1 = NSAttributedString(string: str1)

let attrStr2 = NSAttributedString(string: str2)

The attrStr1 will get icon. [iOS] FontAwesomeKit.Swift:iOS FontAwesome 工具箱 The attrStr2 will get icon. [iOS] FontAwesomeKit.Swift:iOS FontAwesome 工具箱

Use FontAwesomeKit.Swift with UILabel.

let label = UILabel()

label.fa_text = .fa_apple

label.fa_font = UIFont(fa_fontSize: 100)

/// fa_text : FontAwesomeType.

/// fa_font : set the font size.

Use FontAwesomeKit.Swift with UIButton.

let button = UIButton(type: .custom)

button.fa_setTitle(.fa_gift, for: .normal)

/// type : The fontAwesome type, and you don’t need to ‘setImage’ or ‘setBackgroundImage’

/// state : The state that uses the specified title. The possible values are described in UIControlState.

button.titleLabel?.fa_font = UIFont(fa_fontSize: 50)

Use FontAwesomeKit.Swift with UIImage.

let image1 = UIImage(awesomeType: .fa_github)

/// fontSize : The fontSize you can give, default is 80.

/// tintColor : The UIImage filled color you get, default is UIColor.lightGray.

let image2 = UIImage(awesomeType: .fa_github, size: 30.0, color: UIColor.black)

Use FontAwesomeKit.Swift with UINavigationBarItem.

let rightItem = UIBarButtonItem(awesomeType: .fa_github, style: .plain, target: nil, action: nil)

let leftItem = UIBarButtonItem(awesomeType: .fa_github, size: 24, style: .plain, target: nil, action: nil)

/// fontSize : The font size, default is ‘24.0’

/// awesomeType : FontAwsomeType


UnderMIT License

Copyright (c) 2016 QiunCheng . All rights reserved.


  1. The FontAwesome Unicode list. From fontawesome.io
  2. The Lastest(version4.6.3) FontAwesome.otf bundle

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