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flv js HTML5 Flash Video(FLV) Player, written in pure JavaScript without Flash LONG LIVE FLV! This project re


HTML5 Flash Video(FLV) Player, written in pure JavaScript without Flash. LONG LIVE FLV!

This project relies on Media Source Extensions, and inspired byhls.js.


A JavaScript library which implements Flash Video(FLV) format playback in HTML5 video. It works by transmuxing FLV file stream into ISO BMFF (Fragmented MP4) segments, then feed mp4 segments into browser through Media Source ExtensionsAPI.

flv.js is written inECMAScript 6, and transpiled into ECMAScript 5 by Babel Compiler, bundled with Browserify.


  • FLV container with H.264 + AAC codec playback
  • Multipart segmented video playback
  • HTTP FLV low latency live stream playback
  • FLV over WebSocket live stream playback
  • Compatible with Chrome, FireFox, Safari 10, IE11 and Edge
  • Extermely low overhead, and hardware accelerated by your browser!


npm install # install dev-dependencesnpm install -g gulp # install build toolgulp release # packaged & minimized js will be emitted in dist folder

cnpm mirror is recommended if you are in Mainland China.

Getting Started

<script src="flv.min.js"></script><video id="videoElement"></video><script> if (flvjs.isSupported()) { var videoElement = document.getElementById('videoElement'); var flvPlayer = flvjs.createPlayer({ type: 'flv', url: 'http://example.com/flv/video.flv' }); flvPlayer.attachMediaElement(videoElement); flvPlayer.load(); flvPlayer.play(); }</script>


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