Solaris being canned, at least 50% of teams to be RIF'd in short term

@2vtn on the chip side, Intel and Qualcomm went through a major meltdown this year, just check out their

@2vtn on the chip side, Intel and Qualcomm went through a major meltdown this year, just check out their boards - there are literally mountains of reports of layoffs going all the way back to 2014 - nobody is hiring

Wim Coeckaerts went back to Oracle for a reason.

That bad?! How many people? Time for a career change guys. I worked in tech years ago. It's not going to get any of luck to all of you.

There will be blood.. (in all HW teams).

Just hope Intel, qualcomm, etc are hiring..

Will this affect other HW teams?

How much sparc dev will that entail?

Oracle will be a SaaS only company and will retain only enough hw people to build its DCs, everything else is history

Show me the latest sparc roadmap? I haven't been able to find it.

LE can't admit his failure in acquirinG Sun but he will still try and cancel things like his plan to release Solaris 12. He shared this with industry and now it's canceled. How does that look to an outsider?

Most likely development will slow down to meet market demand if T is only roadmap left for Sparc they will cut hardware teams deep and R&D. The cost for developing a chip is more than you think. With Fujitsu getting out of sparc and opting for ARM in the future this will increase dev costs. Again unsustainable business model to rely in sparc for all data center. Stinkin ship unless they find a new strategy. Besides market share is eroding for database as well. Profit margins will shrink and only so many companies to acquire until you go broke.

How many US sites does this impact? This will be just the beginning. Expect more project cancelations,RIFs and consolidations( redundancy reductions) MH does this for his morning workout as he did at HP. You see how it's going for HP.

@2cjh S has already been cut, so has M, even before this RIF, only T remained.

Interesting I haven't seen or heard of compensation like that in these RIFs

WARN will not help you - warns requires a 60 days notice, however if they pay you let's say 3 months as a part of the severance agreement, that covers the 60 days requirement...

Check out this

Or just go to#SixtyDaysNotice

It's only if they layoff a certain number. If it's in a different state laws too may be why they don't show up on the CA warn. Not every state has list out.

WARN reporting is the law

Well - Is WARN Reporting mandatory ?

How has the System Dev BU moved from 5250 employees to 4850 in one year without any notice ?

I like you cult of LE people. You drink the cool aid and are going to get screwed like you never imagined so go get some gel and be ready for that. I hear MH likes to cross that line. You can be first in line.

You're an idiot that has a future in the unemployment line. Don't forget to apply for food stamps.

all illiterate morons like the previous posters. do some research before having an opinion. for instance before bashing it against aws, learn about sparc sonoma servers you f*cking retards.

Also data center need is driven by user demand. Look up offering is based on workload needs. Not all customers will use SPARC not need it's capability. This is why AWS is winning so many users including enterprise users.

Wishful thinking. No way will that strategy best Amazon and it will only assure our decline must quicker. Oracle has to be price competitive. Linux is not optimized for use with SPARC. The delays in development will lead to win even more late to the cloud.

Sparc will power oracles cloud but will be running Linux

Oracle will be its own biggest sparc customer with tens of thousands of servers across its cloud data centres

Not yet. It just means development will slow down and it will eventually be sold off. It's not a winning path for the company. I know it's hard to hear and many emotional ties to as a former Sun engineer. We have to face the music or live in denial for our future.

SPARC is not dead

layoffs seem to be a consequence of hurd poorly performing s-xually with his wife. Hence the need of a new s-xual partner. Need to be reinsured outside. Go hurd go ! more layoff to go !

About views since It impacts many jobs likely the news is out about this site.

Sad to see sparc go down but the signs are evident and the market for sparc is not good.

That roadmap is from almost one year ago...

What I've heard confirmed is there will be no Solaris 12, 11.4 will be the final release.

I don't know about Sparc, would like to see it survive but no idea if it will with Linux.

I don't want this to be true because it will impact my job, but it's pretty much done.

@1xki It's probably the same 50 posters refreshing the page to see responses

True but the lastest roadmap does not show development with Linux. The development path has been tied with Solaris 12 release. A deviation from this could imply many things.

Apparently people forget that Linux actually runs on Sparc.

If this sh-- is not true why so many views in one day? Over 7000 views!

And off course, global warming is a definite hoax

very unlikely that Oracle would report any layoffs.

these things are decided two weeks in advance when Hurd gives the order near the end of the half year (now)!!!

I work at Oracle, but I don't see anything on California WARN list

Interesting how oracle is divesting from products acquired in the Sun acquisition. They cut java teams, now Solaris, next sparc but they will likely keep the MySQL.

@1dlm your ignorance shows since your every statement is false. SPARC does make money and good margin, while MH was not even at Oracle during the Sun acquisition.

said the person who thinks that it is called solair.

You don't need to be a fortune teller to know Solair and Sparc will get ex sooner or later. That is no secret Oracle losing money every quarter on those. It still exist because MH don't want to admit making bad decision on Sun acquisition.